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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
great job! great write up! it was definately a close call w/ the guy who beat you in the should feel proud (like I am sure you do!)
Thanks Bigbear! My friends felt it was close too, but they are biased. : )

He was nearly as lean as me but had a SOLID 15 pounds on me. He truly deserved to be champion.

Now I know what I need to shoot for next time.



* Felt good to work with a barbell again, haven't touched one since Friday, April 13th.

I was still and sore starting this workout, still felt like I got hit be a train due to basically working out all day Saturday (pumping up & flexing) while being dehydrated. So I started really slow, but as I got into it, things felt great but I resisted the temptation to up the weight, better to get my body used to it first.

Squats with chains
200x5, many sets

superset with

OH Press
120x5, many sets

5 rounds:
a) Ring Dip BWx5
b) Ring Row BWx4 with isometric hold on last rep
c) OH Press 120x1
d) Vertical Jump

Last Night - snow on the ground, attempting to come up with a concentric focused inside routine (as something to do when I can't drag the tire)

5 or 6 rounds of:
a) Vertical Jump
b) Explosive Leg Extension 150x5
c) Maltese Cross Hold, 3 reps
d) Band Maltese Hold, 3 reps
e) OH Press and Hold, 2 x 6 seconds
f) Band Lat Hold, 3 reps

I threw in some curls here are there as well, it was fun.

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