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After eating various simple carbs/sugars all day, I had no cravings. I just wanted water! On the way home I drank almost 1 gallon of water in 30 minutes. And my body just sucked it all up. By the time I went to bed, I had finished 5 quarts in less than 90 minutes!
I continued to really push the water on Sunday and I ate large quantities of my rice pudding (brown rice, whole milk, cinnamon and raisins). Not much junk, less than a 1 cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream was all the dessert I had. I guess I donít have much of a sweet tooth. Not really any junky carbs either. I am boring in that respect.
I feel like I got hit by a train! Everything is sore. My glutes are killing me just from flexing on the contest day. I only pumped up my upper body so I expected it to be somewhat sore, but I guess I just flexed my glutes so often and so hard that they are just brutalized still two days later.
I will be training today, but just to get the blood moving. I feel like taking the day off, but I know my body and taking the day off will just leave me stiff and sore again tomorrow where as light training will start to get my body ready for more serious sessions later this week.
Weight is up to 173 today. I am continuing to try to really hydrate.

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