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Night show

Night show meeting at 5:30, that goes well. I am still looking tight and feeling good. Night show starts at 6:30 and I go out for my routine around 7:15. The competitor who went out immediately before me had his CD not function in the DJís equipment. I am thinking ďOh great, is this going to happen to me?Ē So before I go out, I am triple checking with the DJ, ďAre you sure it is going to play?Ē Luckily it did, the routine went fairly smoothly. They had us on a smaller riser on the stage which cramped my intended movement a bit (my wife told me later that some of the clearly more seasoned competitors ditched the stage and went where they wanted, now I know for the future). Also the DJ started fading out my music at 60 seconds! I was told they would not cut out until 70 seconds. My routine was 68 seconds, so I finished my routine, but to music that was fading into silence, lol.
Naturally, I pumped up a bit for my routine, but I was really looking forward to seeing the top 5 in each class. The guy running everything backstage started posting the top 5 right around 6:30, but he stopped when he got to Novice Menís Tall, I had to laugh, he only had the Novice Tall and the Menís Open left to post up on his list, and he stopped. The suspense was killing me, I just wanted to make the top 5.
I wanted to watch some other guys and see if I could see my family, plus I did not want to sit backstage because I would just keep checking the board. I snuck into the back of the auditorium and had the pleasure of watching some routines. I worked out great because then my wife got up to use the bathroom, I surprised her when I followed her out (she didnít see me in the dark but I could recognize her coming up the aisle). She was proud of me and it felt good to finally see her as I had not seen her since leaving my house at 9:30 am.

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