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Friday Evening

While in the hotel hallway waiting to take the polygraph, I was checking out some of the other competitors. There were some big guys. Now, I knew coming into this that I would not be the biggest guy, or even close, but it was still disheartening to see how big some of the guys were. And the hallway was dead quiet; I was thinking “What about everything I heard about camaraderie in bodybuilding?”
So I decided to break the ice because literally NO ONE was talking and there were 15 to 20 guys at this point lining the hallway waiting to take the polygraph. I start talking with several people around me, a teen competitor, a bodybuilder and a figure competitor. I am glad I broke the ice because then it seemed as if more people started talking and the atmosphere became a bit more relaxed.
Polygraph was funny; I got nervous for the stupidest questions. I took a polygraph for the State Police before during the application process and I was not as nervous as I was for this one, I have no explanation for why I was so nervous. After the polygraph I went to get my spray tan. It goes pretty smoothly, but I just HATE how I look, way too dark.
To wrap up Friday evening, I found out my father-in-law, who was the man who encouraged me to enter the competition and was going to be backstage with me all day, got called in to work by his boss. He felt really awful about it and I understood, but I was feeling pretty crappy Friday evening because I did not like my tan, I was feeling small and I lost my backstage guy.

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