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Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
Finishing the race strong; congrats.
Thanks, I'm trying.


First full carb load day complete and part way through my second day. Thus far, things are happening like they are supposed to.

I sucked up those carbs like crazy yesterday, normally, eating close to 600g would leave me bloated by the end of the day...but not yesterday!

I looked dry and very vascular before going to bed and I usually look my worst before bed because certain areas (leg mostly) will hold water throughout the day.

Woke up today and legs were super crisp. I am liking it.

My coworkers must think I have a drug problem. First, during the carb deplete I am in the bathroom all the time to pee, now I am in all the time to "poop" (that's code for posing in the stall). You do what you have to.

That's all for now.

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