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Thursday Evening

Tire Dragging + Holds

Night Show posing practice

Friday - 8 days out


Caffeine + Dog Walk +Vertical Jumps

Lunch Break

* Purposefully backed off in weight a small percentage

Squat (chains +50) w/ Band Pull Apart Holds
220x5, 5 sets

210x5, 3 sets
195x5, 2 sets

superset with Front Lever Holds

Triset: 4 rounds
A) Ring Dips - BWx7
B) Inverted Row on Rings - BWx4, isometric hold for 4 seconds on last rep
C) Paused Bench with Fat Gripz 180x1
D) Vertical Jump x 1
E) Explosive Leg Extension 150x5, 3 sets (skipped 4th round)



That's it! Final "regular" workout. Now begins peak week.

Tomorrow is off, with the exception of practing my posing.

Sunday to Tuesday is depletion.

Next to no carbs, mostly just incidental carbs that ride along with whey, eggs, etc. Water intake will be 2 gallons or more if I can take it. Sodium will be increased during this phase.

Training will be two tire dragging sessions per day. The reason it is tire dragging is because that is almost entirely (pun intended) eccentric-less.

During depletion you want to emphasize the concentric to deplete glycogen and de-emphasize the eccentric to avoid soreness which effects glucose uptake later during the load. Legs will be trained on Sunday and avoided on Monday and Tuesday to give them more time to heal up and get defined (by eliminating any potential inflammation/residual soreness). I will also be including some band work and vertical jumps to further increase insulin sensitivity.

Wedneday to Friday is the Carb Load. Sodium will be minimized in this phase.

Goal of carb load is 6 meals with 0.5g carb per pound of bodyweight at each meal. Comes out to be 525g for the day (87.5g x 6). I will actually be taking in slightly more than this, based on how well I handled my previous carb load and the fact that this load is proportionally less than my previous load (based on current intake). On that note, I finished this diet taking in:

2967 Calories
106g fat
287g carbs
217g protein

Wednesday morning is one final tire dragging session to take advantage of the post workout window for glucose uptake as I start the load. Remainder of Wednesday to Friday is practing posing after each carb up meal to help drive the glucose into the muscle and of course, to polish off my posing.

Saturday morning is a few more small meals, some higher fat and sodium contest to help bring out that last bit of vascularity shortly before pre-judging.

My peak week plan is based on ABC's article:

And also from reading Layne Norton's articles and the Daryl Gee Project from T-Nation late summer 2010.

James 1:16-17 ESV
Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights
With God's help...Mens sana in corpore sano

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