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Originally Posted by RandyK View Post
I had a similar issue about a year ago. Caused, most likely, in a different way than yours. I started doing yoga poses intended to help my back and almost immediately started feeling better. All the same I saw both an orthopedist and a neurologist after an MRI. Both said I had a protruding disk and each time I told then about the yoga and they each said "keep doing to yoga, surgery is only an absolute last resort". The orthopedist even said to do the yoga instead of any shots. Now feeling perfect!! (and I do yoga every morning!!)
That's pretty much my scenario, too. I went to the doc, who said I had a herniated disc as well as minor muscle spasms (which I've had before a few times). The pain I was having was due to pressure on the sciatic nerve. He gave me a bunch of back stretches and exercises to do at home, and I'm already feeling better!
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