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I have been wasting my time the last 5 months thinking I was getting stronger. FALSE. I have not made any gain at all, I'm glad to have actually broken even. I went in this morning with the mindset to max squat and bench..and improve. Boy was I wrong. I felt like a complete failure and felt like I had been cheated following this program, and esentially I may have been. Looking at my logs, I am JUST NOW working at my true took 5 months, so 5 months ago when I started, I was actually using a 3 or 5 rep max as a single max to work off of. I know this program is designed long term, I still feel cheated.

I dont know where i will go from here. I will still lift to get strong, but Powerlifting will probably not be my priority. I doubt I'll compete anytime soon, so I will use my energy elsewhere. I am still going to workout, and hard..just dont quite know how I will go about it. I am thinking about keeping 5/3/1, with no singles mixed in the weeks(because I dont care about maxxing at this point), and I will probably use my true max and not bring it down to 90% crap..I am going to still sprint/cardio/ be in overall strenght..thats my goal..overall strenght and conditioning (just short of c$*$$fit...LOL). Once I move and have to do Army PT, I will probably keep only the main lifts of 5/3/1 and do little to no assistance...who knows..I just want to stay "strong"(er) and keep lean.

After listening to the clues over the past couple years, I dont think I was meant to be one of those grossly strong dudes..I did give it a shot though. After coming home from 2 deployments so far, and surviving a very serious colon problem/surgery, I feel I was put here for more than just lifting...I have recenly been guided into a different path with the Army, and feel like Soldiering may be my calling; I enjoy helping and serving people. I will put all my effort into that..and it just so happens, that an aspect of being a Soldier is staying in shape! (Lucky me!! LOL).

I have definately leaned out while doing my current routine, so its not a total loss!
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