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Default Herniated disc or pinched nerve?

I'm currently 28, and have been lifting on and off for about 6 years. I've had scoliosis and minor back problems since my teens but nothing major, just a couple issues with muscle spasms years ago.

Recently, I've had some pretty irritating pain that shoots down the back of my right leg whenever I bend over, stretch, do leg curls, or just torque my body in general. I had slightly thrown out my back a couple weeks ago, but it didn't stop me from continuing to lift. Today, I tried doing some squats, and could barely lift my own body weight from the rack. I can do dead lifts no problem. Leg presses, no problems there either. Whenever I have weight on my shoulders it seems, including standing calf raises, I get that sharp muscle spasm pain in my lower back, and now I can barely bend over at all without getting a shooting pain like lightning down my right leg from my hip to the back of my knee. Any thoughts?
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