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First time lifting in a month, and I do like to start things with fervor...I started as I often do with leg press, last time I did a set of 25 and a set of 15 of my apartment gyms max after a couple weeks off and it destroyed me and my legs. Today, I did a not particularly difficult 50 set, however I'm sitting on my couch trying not to throw up and pass out, something I've managed not to do for quite a few years. Its good to see that in the absence of lifting, yoga is keeping my legs strong.

50x1x315 Seated legpress (15750)
2x15-12x120 Lat pulldown (3240)
2x15-10x100 bench press (2500)
1x15x90 pec fly (1350)
1x15x60 tricep cable pull down (900)

23740lbs lifted. I think its time to start measuring the weights of my exercises to get a general idea of the volumes I'm hitting in a fashion.

So, pretty **** short workout. I was going to hit ab work, dumbbell curls and good mornings here at home, and perhaps later I will, but for now I'm just going to try no to vomit and go to the ER as I'm known to do (though not from lifting, but this will do it if im not careful).
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