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Default Getting tired after first couple sets

I've been having trouble lasting more than a few sets per workout lately. Should I be upping my card intake? Or should I take a step back and lift less weight?

edit: I suppose diet would be helpful no?

Breakfast: 3 fried or boiled eggs, whole grain toast (2 slices) with peanut butter
Snack: usually an apple with greek yogurt (about half a cup)
Lunch: usually a sandwich (whole grain bread, lean meat, couple slices of cheese) an apple, orange, or banana, half a cup of cottage cheese
Snack: Whey protein mixed in water (nasty)
Dinner: usually a chicken breast, cup of quinoa (or mashed sweet potato), couple generous servings of mixed greens and vegetables.
Snack: Whey protein.

I'm 25, 6'4 and a bit on the lighter side (195 lbs). Trying to bulk up.

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