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Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
That makes sense; I read an article by Layne Norton that said 80% of the weight loss should come from diet and the other 20% should come from cardio. Glad I read that because I would have went overboard with the cardio. I've actually cut the cardio out of my bulk until my cut begins to reset everything.
Definitely don't go overboard with the cardio, especially low to moderate intensity cardio which creates a negative hormonal situation.

IMO, focus on mostly cutting carbs strategically. I.E., keep them as high as you can while still losing weight and only decrease when you stall out.


Tuesday - 4 more days to get these glutes tighter

Deadlift with Stiff Arm Hold
358.5x5, 5 sets

OH Press with Inverted Glute Ham (BWx10, 5 sets)
147.5x5, 6 sets

4 rounds of the following:
a) Maltese Cross Hold
b) OH Press 120x1
c) DB Curl with Fat Gripz 22x5, pause at bottom but maintaining tension on biceps, then explode up and pause/squeeze at top
d) Box Jump x 2

* Deadlift and OH Press felt AWESOME!

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