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You are gonna benefit way more if you , as Commander already said, if you limit your assistance exercises a lot more. If you stick to the main compound exercises you will still see amazing results. the only extra exercises i have brought in are curls , overhead press, and pull ups. I do those each on separate days.

For example

Monday i do my 5x5 workout consisting of

Squats 5x5

Bench 5x5

Dead 5x5

curls 3x8


same 5x5 workout as monday

3x10 overhead press

Friday. same 5x5 as monday and wed.

10x6 pullups.

I have been doing 5x5 for 18 months. trust me overdoing the assist. exercises will hinder your strength gains. I know its hard to not add in other exercises but trust me you dont need them. I put over 200 pounds on my squat. 200 pounds on my deadlift and 150 pounds on my benchpress and all my other lifts have increased because of this.
the biggest mistake people make in doing the 5x5 is adding in to much , In doing so you dont get the benefits of the program.
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