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Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
How much has your strength suffered during the cut?
Strength hasn't gone down at all, strength endurance a tad when I do something stupid. For example, last week was 272.5 for 5 sets of 5 on squats. This week I only did 2 sets with 275 because legs were a bit fatigued from sprints on Friday and Saturday. That was just stupid on my part. Strength was there, but I couldn't maintain the top weight, so I played it smart and did a few sets with 220 and 245 and actually did more volume than the straight sets with 272.5 the week prior.

But strength is fine, I've been adding weight to the bar every week. I think it is critical to approach a cut with the same mentality of a bulk. The stimulus that builds a muscle will also maintain a muscle, thus I continue to strive to add weight to the bar. If you don't overdo it with non-essential stuff (i.e. too much cardio and assistance work) and if you fuel your workouts with lots of carbs and protein, I see no reason why strength should suffer.

That said, I've read that legs in particular show more definition if they are fully rested (and thus not swollen, inflammed, holding water, etc), so I will be dialing back leg volume/intensity in the next few weeks so they look their best for the contest.

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