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Default Critique this 5 x 5 program

I'm just finishing up a bulking program. I'm going to take 3 full days off to rest, and then start 5 x 5 training. I want to increase strength on my compound lifts, i.e. bench press, squat, dead lift, overhead press, but build muscle in addition to this. In other words, I want to mainly focus on pure strength building, but still gain some lean mass and work on muscle separation. I was thinking something like this:

Monday - Chest, Triceps

Tuesday - Back, Biceps

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Shoulders, Abs

Friday - Legs

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Start cycle over with chest and triceps

Chest/triceps workout:
Bench press: 5 x 5
Incline DB press (decline DB press): 3 sets
Decline machine press (incline machine press): 3 sets
Incline fly superset with flat fly (vice versa): 1 set
Seated triceps DB press: 5 x 5
Weighted parallel bar dips: 4 sets

Back/biceps workout:
Deadlift: 5 x 5
Wide grip pulldowns (normal grip pulldowns): 3 sets
Neutral grip machine row (reverse grip machine row): 3 sets
Preacher curl: 3 sets
DB concentration curl: 1 double drop set
Incline bench hammer curl: 3 sets
Cable 21's: 1 set

Shoulders/abs workout:
Overhead BB press: 5 x 5
Standing DB lateral raises: 2 double drop sets
DB upright rows (cable upright rows): 4 sets
Reverse flys: 3 sets
DB shrugs (smith machine shrugs): 3 sets
Abs cycle: leg raises, static holds, crunches, side planks
Cable crunches: 1 double drop set
Back extension machine: 2 single drop sets

Legs workout:
Squat: 5 x 5
Straight-legged deadlift: 4 sets
Lying machine leg curl: 2 single drop sets
Seated calf raises (standing calf raises): 2 double drop sets
Seated reverse calf raises: 1 double drop set
Weighted cable step apparatus: 1 double drop set

This is just a basic summary of exercises. I will switch up some of the exercises after 4 cycles with those in parentheses. Also, I will heavily incorporate rest-pause and strip set training on my last sets per exercise.
Age: 29
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