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Tuesday Evening

Tire Dragging & Vertical Jumps

I previously posted my leg portion of the tire dragging, here is the upperbody portion:

Chest press, Bicep curl and band hold for chest/biceps

Back row and stiff arm band hold

* Bonus lat spread at the end of one of the videos, I think the chest press one.

Wednesday - 10 days to get these glutes ready

Morning - band work and vertical jumps


Squat (+50 chains) with band face pull hold
170 195, 220x5
240x5, 2 sets

Bench (+50 chains)
145, 170x5
183.5x5, 3 sets

triset with Front Lever Holds and Vertical Jump

Bench (+50 chains)
120x3, 140x3, 2 sets
140x5, 3 sets

triset with Suspended OH Extension BWx8, Inverted Row BWx4 with 4 second isometric hold on final rep

* I usually do 5 straight sets with top weight, but I feel fatigue setting in a bit, so I decided to build up to my top weight and do less sets at that top weight.

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