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Thnx commander but I am not sure what to believe, hehe. I know that if I do not eat immediately after a workout, my muscles shrink way much more within an hour than when I have a good post workout meal. I have also experienced immediate diarrhea when I drank around 100gr of whey once (Dont ask me why, I just did it) so how come the effect was so immediate?
What I am going to do, to be sure, is drink my multiple-source protein (gaspari myofusion) around 1-1,5 hours before my training session and immediately after, a good meal with carbs and protein (from food or powder).

(Post workout meal is generally a headache! I read in the American Journal of Physiology about the effects of different post workout meals. Eating a high protein (with carbs) meal activated mTOR or somethin like that but raised myostatin (!?). However the absence of post workout meal blocked myostatin at some point but didnt activated mTOR...*****, all these seem so interesting and it's a pity I do not know all these things..(yet)
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