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One more thing I'd like to add about carbs is that you can continue to lose weight with more carbs so long as calories are reduced. As an example, one year I was doing somewhat of a low carb diet and my weight loss stalled. A good friend of mine (personal trainer) gave recommendations for a low fat approach and to get carbs mainly from starches such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and brown rice. I tried it and was eating more carbs than before, and I still lost a lot of weight because the calories were reduced.

Many will argue for the low carb diet approach because they think that weight loss won't happen as well if carbs are too high. There is some truth to that and studies support it. However, if you get your carbs from the right sources there won't be a problem. Because they fill you up before you can eat too much.

So your diet should be lower in carbs when compared to that of a typical american who drinks soda, fruit juice, and sweet tea. But atkins diet low simply isn't necessary.
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