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I agree with all. Don't make it more complicated than it has to be.

A diet does not have to be a low carb diet per se. But just realize that calories count. So as a result of reducing calories, carbs will naturally be lower while cutting.

Now some will purposefully do a low-no carb diet that is typically higher in fat. But I would argue that doing so isn't ideal or necessary. Carbs don't have to be so low. And the calories from the fat adds up quick. Such diets can be a life saver for obese people who wouldn't have a clue how to lose the weight otherwise. But they aren't practical for the long term, and without the practicality for the long term you aren't going to have a plan that will get you as lean as possible.

Speaking of practicality for the long term, that's actually why I like how intermittent fasting (IF) works. Because it works so well at reducing calories, you end up with a little bit more wiggle room to eat what you want. And a diet plan that can be more flexible is also a diet plan that will be more likely to work in the long run.
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