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Originally Posted by klosey View Post
personally it doesnt work for me. i tried it for 3 weeks and all that happened was hunger pangs, lose of strength and desire to do nothing at all.
What method did you try? How long were your fasts and how often?

When I first tried it I tried it with the 8 hour eating window. It seemed to work just fine for me. I've tried other ways, but I liked 8 hours the best.

Anyways, it isn't for everyone. There is no one fits all eating pattern that will work for everyone. The main thing I like about the studies I have seen on the subject matter is that it proves that you don't have to eat frequently in order to be lean and maintain muscle and you don't have to be "incredibly" fussy about the foods you eat and the macros. With that in mind, you develop the strategy that works best for you. If 6 meals per day does it for you, then do it. But personally, I tried both and I seem to like 2 meals per day the best. That is what I feel the most comfortable with. The thing is, you can make both strategies work, so it's all about personal preference.
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