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Before I start my response I have 1 most important question: Do you pray?

Originally Posted by xdisciplex View Post
After not being able work out anymore I became even more depressed and gained back all the fat I had lost before and lost the little muscle mass I had gained. I'm in such a terrible shape and I can't even do anything about it. I cannot go to the gym anymore and lift.
Just because you don’t, or can’t lift weights is no reason to be fat and out of shape. I would say that of all the people in the world who are not overweight, a vast majority of them have never lifted weights in their lives. Weight has more to do with diet than anything else. So you can’t work out like you want too. Concentrate more on what you can control and learn to eat in a healthier manner.

Originally Posted by xdisciplex View Post
I have no solutions and no hope. If I only had one thing wrong with me I could accept it much easier but I have so many things wrong with me it's like a bad joke.
You are not alone in this respect at all. There are loads of people who have multiple things “wrong” with them. Look at what Christ had to endure for you. Look at the punishment that Paul had to live through. Look at the persecution that the apostles went through and the horrible ways they were killed. Whatever your problems are, they are not so great that they have never been conquered by others before you.

Originally Posted by xdisciplex View Post
Christianity also doesn't have answers for me. Christians tell me things like you need therapy or you need antidepressants. But none of this stuff can heal me or offer hope.
Counsel can be very helpful, but you are correct in saying that it cannot heal you. I agree with Cory that you should NOT use antidepressants. Again they cannot heal you, but rather mask your symptoms while doing nothing to correct the problem. Only God can heal. Ask him for the faith to believe in His healing power and ask Him for a miracle of healing.

Originally Posted by xdisciplex View Post
I also don't understand why are there christians who claim they experienced God or that God appeared to them when they were despaired? I have been despaired so many times and nobody appeared to me. God seems totally far away and unreachable to me. I feel like I'm in my own little world of problems and God is millions of miles away in another dimension
This goes back to my initial question . . . Do you pray? If not, is it any kind of wonder at all that God has not helped you? Also, God WILL NOT appear to you as in a vision or some such nonsense. God will, if you are obedient to Him, and ask Him in faith, show His presence to you through answered prayer. That is why the most important question is . . . DO YOU PRAY?
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