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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Don't do "cardio" on your off days if by cardio you mean running on a treadmill or hitting the stair master.

Does you gym have a prowler? If so, that pushing/pulling/dragging the prowler is great for an off day.

Also, hitting the weights but at a much lighter poundage is great for an off day. For example, if you normally bench 200 for 3 sets of 5, then hitting 150 for a bunch of sets of 3 is a great way to reduce residual soreness and get your body amped for the following day's workout.
I wish we had a prowler. I'll stick to abs and light weight training on off days. I can at least hit the smaller muscles that don't get isolated in my current program. Thanks for the advice. I never liked doing cardio anyway, so I'll save that for cutting.
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