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Default Eating habits

I was wondering what others do about their eating habits when not in your normal daily routine. I have no problem when I am at work. Here's a quick outline of what I do when at work.
6:00am Oatmeat/blueberries
9:00am Apple with a teaspoon of Crunchy Peanut Butter
11:30/12 4oz grilled chicken breast or 5oz lean top round with a solid cup of salad (romaine, broccolli, onion, spinach, tomatoe, kale, carrots) with a Tbsp of fat free dressing.
3:00pm roughly 20 natural almonds and maybe another apple
6-6:30pm Steak/Chicken with another salad
9:30-10 Protein shake
Now when I'm not at work and out running around this is almost impossible to maintain. What do others folks do.
If I'm working days I work out in the evening and if I'm working nights I workout before I go in 4-5 times a week. My goal is really to loose some weight and just live a healthier life still.
5' 6" tall,185 lbs, 47 years old, any help will be great...
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