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Wednesday Evening

OH Press - super explosive, paused reps
120x3, 10 sets?

Not really sure how many sets I did, I didn't keep track, just did a set every now and then while I coached my 7 and 11 year old through their workout

Ab/Ring work: 5 rounds
a) Maltese Hold
b) Blast Strap fallout hold
c) Weighted Serratus Crunch
d) Band Bicep Curl Hold

Night show posing practice

Thursday - 30 days to be Stage Ready...3 weeks early!

Deadlift with Chains
315 (+50) x5, 5 sets

superset with

Stiff Arm Band Lat Hold

BW+40 x 6, 3 sets
BW+40 x 5 - just fatigued, didn't want to grind out the last rep, not because I couldn't, but because I don't see grinding as effective

OH Press
141x5, 6 sets

superset with

Inverted Glute Ham

Matlese Hold, 4 holds

superset with

Heavy Lateral Raise Swings
22x10, 10, 7

* First time trying these heavy lateral swings. I know 22 pounds doesn't look heavy. But I normally work with between 8 and 12 pounds on laterals and keep the form fairly strict. So, 22 pounds was double my normal working weight, a big jump. They were fun.

OH Press
120x3, 1 set - super explosive


Not sure what is going on, but weighed in at 183 yesterday morning and 184 this morning. As you can see from the video (I hope), it hasn't impacted my conditioning, I still feel and look lean. I am not going to make dietary or training changes, no need to overreact, I am still happy with what I see in the mirror.

I did strain my neck and wondered if there were some type of inflammation and water retention, but that wouldn't cause a 4 pound swing. I considered the fact that I just started taking Resveratrol, but if anything, due to it's circulation benefits and overall purpose, it would be more likely that I drop a pound or two from the Resveratrol.

Maybe it is working so good as an aromatase inhibitor, that I am getting totally jacked off the extra testosterone!

James 1:16-17 ESV
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