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Some updates:


I was finishing up a bench session with a lighter set (as CT talked about, always ending with a really explosive set). Well....

Not griping the bar tight enough + Light weight/super explosive = Bar slipping out of hand

Bar slipping out of hand also happens to equal the bar landing extremely close to my neck. I was a bit shaken up from this, but luckly I recovered quick, got it off my chest and moved on. Did I mention I am squeezing the bar harder now?


Doing a set of shrugs with a deep stretch, I accidently let it stretch too far and really strained my neck. That was on Tuesday, 2 days later it still is really tight and hurts if I move it suddenly.

Needless to say, I was ticked off at myself. Shrugs aren't exactly a personal favorite of mine, nor do I think they offer much bang for your buck, however, I like to give my traps that extra bit of stimulation and it's easy to strip a bit of weight off after doing deadlifts and hit a few sets. Well, I will either be ditching the shrugs or being much more conscious of how far I let the weight pull my traps down.


I've tweaked the routine slightly since last time. I think it complements my body more with the changes I have made. I realized after watching this that I need to work on making my transitions smoother. I've been practicing mostly the mandatory poses and obviously, you don't have to worry about hitting a pose timed to music during the pre-judging. I feel confident that if I practice the night show routine more often I can get it smoother, but right now my priority is still practicing the mandatory poses.

In this video, I am 52 Days out from the show. I feel the lighting accurately shows my conditioning. Overall, I am pleased with how I look. Legs are a bit behind my upperbody, but I have seen them steadily improving so I am not concerned. I woke up at 183 the day this video was shot (last night). VERY happy to be 13 pounds OVER the previous cut (October 2010) and just as conditioned.


I ordered my posing trunks yesterday, I went with dark grey flex cut from Cherry Bombs. I plan to do a mandatory poses video once I get the trunks.


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