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Since it's Monday, I'm going to set goals for the week too.

Note to self: need groceries

Goals the week: 3 days at the field--4 sets per circuit, 5 days active (basketball, kayak, etc), 0 booze

Meal 1, 8am: Oatmeal, agave
Meal 2, 11:30am: Almonds, blueberries
Meal 3, 1:30pm: whey
Meal 4, 4pm: Deli sandwich w/ kale
Meal 5, 7pm: Whey, PB
Meal 6, 10pm: Almonds

Basketball - 2 to 3 hours

Jog 2mi
Circuit x3: squat throws w/ weighted ball, prison cell push-ups, bent lat raise, lunge w/ core twist, bicycle kicks w/ ball through legs
Main Activity:

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