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Default Explosion, Power, Longevity

My primary goal is NOT to develop a sculpted body. However, I will be happy to accept this as a perk to my training. I strive for complete fitness, challenging my body on all fronts. I will not adopt a single training style, but will confuse my body with rotations.

Plan of Attack:
- Myofibrillar hypertrophy
- Balance of strength, speed, endurance
- Reduce injuries by listening to my body, routines don't need to be rigid.

After having difficultly training at work and adjusting my schedule, I am building a gym in my garage. I could be limited in my training (due to lack of equipment at present), but I will find ways around these "limitations".
Stats - Feb-12
Bench - 260 lbs, Squat - 285 lbs, Deadlift - 350 lbs

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