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Originally Posted by NJI View Post
Jack3d is a typical pre-workout supplement combining the following ingredients:

Beta-Alanine - Flushed feeling, clears lactic acid from muscles more effectively, able to workout harder.
Caffeine - Upper, heighted alertness/more energy, possibly reduces perceived pain.
Arginine - Enhances vasodilation, blood flow, and pump.
Creatine - Increases stores of creatine phosphate thus allowing anaerobic energy systems to function longer.

You can buy everything seperately and receive the same effects albeit a cheaper price.

Caffeine - NoDoz/Stay Awake pills are like $6 for 100
Beta-Alanine - Buy online.
Arginine/NO Product - Buy online.
Creatine - Buy creatine monohydrate online, the plain powder is usually best.
what gives jack3d all the hype is the potent stimulant in it, 1,3 dime . . . I have tried it before and I didn't think much of it. I try and stay away from proprietary blends.
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