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I finally got into the gym today after nearly a week without being able to get to the weights. Every day is a fatigue day but the heat in the gym (it's directly connected to the saunas, its always boiling) was just too much. I had to really limit myself and I left several sets early. Overall I was pretty happy though, I hit most of my body pretty well, and I can already see strength and endurance increases as my body remembers what the hell I'm doing to it.

Also I tried a vega (very excellent vegan sports brand, created by a world champion vegan triathelete) endurance rehydration powder for my during workout god not only was it unpleasant, I felt like I was drinking salt. This is part of the reason why I had to quit short. I won't be doing that again. Momentarily I will try the recovery gel though, dates and electrolytes mostly. Much higher hopes for that. Also hoping my protein shake in the fridge is still good from a few days ago...

Numbers are again, approximate but I tend to have a good memory for my sets and reps. Next time I will bring my log.

leg press

lat pulldown
1x12x130 reverse


pec fly

bicep bar curl
1x20x40 reverse

tricep pull down
1x12x60 reverse
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