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well i have done the whole follow the leader to try and break the plane i am stuck in trying to put on lean mass, cant really bulk due to navy regulations of body fat percentage otherwise i would go that route. well i am currently taking yoked pink magic and was wondering what the hype for these 2 are, i usually just stick to prtein creatine and an amino acid but i wanted to see if some of these supplements are worh the money or if they are a gimmick, i took pink magic before and i saw a difference but it may have bee nthe water retention, could this be considered something like A CEE PILL?

in the end all i want to do is break the plethoral wall and get bigger, i am currently at 185 at 5 ft 9 10 percent body fat and falling. im up for suggestions on supplements that will get me over the hump but i am military so i am cautious as to what i take because of my regular drug tests.
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