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Default Tough Mudder '12 Tampa

Decided to jump on training sooner than later.

Completed my first Tough Mudder on December 6th, 2011. Trained for 5 months, got my butt kicked even so.

Now that I'm graduated and back in my hometown, I've got teammates to train with.

Work out:
Jog 2 mi
Circuit x3: 15 squat throws w/weight ball, 10 push ups w/ lateral raises (15lb DB), lunges w/ core twist, bicycle kicks while passing weighted ball through legs

Meal 1, 8am: Oatmeal, agave sweetener
Meal 2, 11am: whey protein and blueberries
Meal 3, 1p: Deli wrap - roast beef
Meal 4, 4p: Deli - fist sized sandwich portion
Meal 5, 8p: whey protein/water
Meal 6, 10p: almonds
Main Activity:

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