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It's been so long since I've lifted that I had a small tear in my left quad, so I've taken a few days off exercising to rest it. I still took today off leg lifting, and will resume tomorrow, but hit up a good upper body session and will do some yoga in a few hours.

I'm doing about three sessions a week, one with endurance rep ranges, one hypertrophy, one strength, all being generally full body. I will refine my workout in perhaps a month or so but for now it is definitely adequate to get back into things without overly stressing any particular muscle group.

I didn't keep exact track of reps completed today as i'm really just getting back into things and finding my groove. All rep ranges are from 12-20 depending on exercise. A couple of rest pauses were used to complete sets, but no other particular techniques.

2xflat bench
2xpec fly
2xtricep extensions (one reverse)
2xlat pulldown (one reverse)
2xcable curls (one reverse)
10 minute bike cooldown ultra-low intensity.

I'm on a veery weird sleep schedule right now, sleeping at around 2-3pm until 10pm, though trying to switch it around. Basically everything is nuts and I'm eeextra exhausted, so the compound exercises were especially fatiguing for me and just as I have to train my muscles to get back into condition it's going to be a battle to get used to just not caring about the physical effort it requires. It went pretty well though, and gods the isolation exercises are easy. I feel pretty good overall and am looking forward to my next session.
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