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So did my first real lifting session in months. I've finally contacted a sleep clinic and have an appointment, so will be seriously working towards fixing my ailment. I've also taken a hiatus from TKD to make sure I can maintain my rehabilitation work without having to skip things like back days the the before a TKD session. For now I will be doing a full body lifting session about 3 days a week, with yoga and moderate cardio on the days in-between (and on lifting days as well actually).

Today started with an hour of light-moderate cardio with one two minute sprint, and one full body workout. Kept it pretty light because I haven't lifted in so long. Numbers and reps are kinda an estimate, but my memory tends to be pretty good.

1x10x305 leg press
1x20x255 leg press
1x20x255 calve extension (on leg press)
2x8x150 lat pulldown
1x8x150 rows
1x12x120 pec flys
1x8x150 bench
1x3x160 bench
1x20x10's delt FB lifts
1x8x35 DB curls
1x20x50 good mornings

Pretty light across the board, but I can't go very heavy in my girlfriends apartment gym and it's been so long that slowly ramping up is important anyway.

So now that the logs done, I might as well declare my goals.
1: rebuild muscle mass for purposes of metabolism. I have 40-60lbs to drop (including the weight change due to muscle gain.)
2: rehabilitation. I have a weakened lower back due to slipping a disk a couple years ago, time to restrengthen it. I will be contacting my physical therapist FINALLY and getting their opinion as well. I'm also heavy enough that it is causing back pain, knee pain, and some other areas that need special attention via muscle strengthening and activity.
3: strength rebuilding. My bench is an absolutely shameful 170ish (I weigh 240), granted I did break my arm and have been out of regular lifting for about 8 months! My leg press also used to be around 1000lbs on the small angle press, I don't know what it's down to now.
4: rebulking. I can go years without lifting and keep most of my bulk, but my legs and shrunk a lot, which is my main priority.
5: And lastly, due to it not being lifting really, but I really need to get my conditioning up MASSIVELY for general heart health, as well as being able to focus on skill building in TKD instead of spending the classes just trying to get through. So much physical loss in this last year!

So all this is building towards rehabilitation, finishing my insomnia, general life long health, and once I am in generally good shape verging on athlete status again I will be attending NPTI to get my personal trainers credentials. In my area the median income for personal trainers is 53,000$, and this will give me fantastic complimentary education and experience for my chosen career path getting my RD, not to mention a good fall back career and income to support my furthering education.
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