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Alright, this should update my journal. I've already completed the 12week program once in the Fall, so this is my second round.

Week1 Round2
Bench Press: 190lb x 8, 205lb x 6, 220lb x 7
Squat: 240lb x 8, 260lb x 6, 275 x 4
Timed one-mile run: 11:55
Chin-ups (total reps) = 30 reps
100 push-ups Timed: 4:50

Week2 Round2
Bench Press: 200lb x 7, 210lb x 5, 225lb x 6
Squat: 250lb x 7, 270lb x 5, 285 x 3
Timed one-mile run: 10:49
Chin-ups (total reps) = 30 reps
100 Push-ups Timed: 4:46

Week3 Round2
Bench Press: 205lb x 6, 220lb x 4, 240lb x 5
Squat: 260lb x 6, 275lb x 4, 300 x 2 (Felt good, could have gotten another rep but didnít want it to affect my timed run)
Timed one-mile run: 10:00
Chin-ups (total reps) = 32 reps
100 Push-ups Timed: 4:40

Week4 Round2
Bench Press: 215lb x 5, 225lb x 3, 250lb x 2
Squat: 270lb x 5, 285lb x 3, 320 x 1
Timed one-mile run: 9:19
Chin-ups (total reps): 34 reps

Week5-Deload Round2
Bench Press: 135lb x 5, 160lb x 5
Squat: 170lb x 5, 200lb x 5
Steady State cardio: walked, 45min. @ 60-70% of max HR
Chin-ups (total reps) = 10 reps

Weighed myself today at 179lbs. Going to start Day1 of Week6 on Tuesday.
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