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Thursday - 58 days - chest focus (was supposed to be leg focus, but my lower back was sore from previous glute ham raises and I may drag my tire latter today anyways)

Squat w/ Band Pullapart Holds
25ox5, 4 sets

Bench with Chains (+50 pounds at the top) - all reps paused on chest
167.5x5, 6 sets

superset with

Front Lever Holds

Triset: 5 rounds
A) Inverted Row on Rings - BWx4, isometric hold for 4 seconds on last rep
B) Ring Dips - BWx5
C) Band Chest Hold - maltese position


After taking yesterday off, I weighed in at 182 this morning.

I still had a great training session today, but I must get this bodyweight under control.

I don't fear that I have lost any muscle mass yet. I am assuming most of it is water weight, I really don't think I lost 3 pounds of fat or muscle in a day or two. My concern is if I REMAIN this low and I am depleted then I will be catabolic and losing LBM. So I am refeeding again in an attempt to get weight back up to 184-5 ish where I expect it to be for now. With glycogen stores refilled, than I can safely resume previous diet. At least, that is my thinking, if anyone else has input I'd love to hear it.


Something else to consider. On my refeed on Tuesday, I did 14 poses (10 mandatory and 4 relaxed) for 10 sets of 8 to 10 second contractions. Even taking 8 seconds, that is 1120 second of hard muscle contraction. Goal was to drive the refeed into my muscles (like I did during my "mock" contest carb load). But I wonder how your body reacts to that intense stimulus the following day when you go back to reduced carb/calorie eating?

I lost 2 pounds the following day. Was my metabolism still revving from the 1000 plus seconds of intense contractions?

1000 seconds of contracting hard is a lot. A normal workout of 5x5 on bench and squats comes to about 200 seconds (50 reps at a 2,1,1 tempo roughly) plus assistance work, so maybe 350 total. Was my body recovering from the equivalent of 2 to 3 workouts?

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