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Seemed to work wonders, I am very happy. All the factors were there for me to succumb to the cold:
I was spending time outdoors doing physical activity in the cold and rain/snow, I was in a caloric deficit, and it's the time of year when many others are sick and passing around colds.

But the Vitamin C megadose and Hydrogen Peroxide saved the day. I will definitely be employing it again when I think I am getting a cold.


So I typically I use my weekends to make adjustments to my diet based on how my bodyweight was that week. If I am weighing heavier than expected/feeling soft, I will eat lighter on the weekends, if I am weighing lighter than expected, than I will eat as I was eating during the weekdays to keep weight up (serves as a little surplus because activity is lower on the weekends).

It has been working well. This weekend I choose to eat less than normal because my bodyweight was on the high side all week and I wanted to stay on target. Sunday in particular was fasted until dinner. I had a good size dinner and even some leftovers, but for me, the calories/carbs were still quite a bit lower than a normal day.

I was at 185 Sunday morning (right where I wanted after a lighter eating Saturday) and 185 on Monday morning. Monday was back up in terms of calories/carbs but Tuesday morning I weighed in at a super light 183.

"Crap!" was my first reaction. The thing is, I am finally getting in tune with my body and I remember looking in the mirror on Monday afternoon and thinking for the first time on this cut, that I looked flat. Well, no wonder, I was in the process of shedding two pounds that day (and with no change in liquid, drank my normal water intake).

I guess that either the Sunday fast was powerful and continued to have effects on my body the day after Or another way to look at it, would be even though Monday's calories were normal, it was almost like a refeed in comparison to Sunday. So the unintentional "refeed" really got my metabolism revving.

I believe I have read that if you weigh in light AFTER a refeed, that it means you may have been too restricted going into it. I will definitely be paying close attention to the diet and scale this week (not that I haven't been) because I don't want to lose LBM.

Good thing is, I feel on track, if not ahead of schedule. (Recent pictures don't do it justice IMHO, but my upperbody is almost stage ready - meaning striations even in the lower back and lats coming in nicely) This allows me the opportunity to push calories back up if I need to and slow things down.

Heck, it would be awesome to be stage ready 4 weeks early and gradually introduce some carbs since the post cut period seems to allow one to get even leaner for a period of time while filling out. Of course, that is mentally a bit scarey thinking of increasing carbs going into the show (not counting the carb load - I have no problem with that).

I am going to do an ACTUAL refeed today and I am looking forward to it! Tons of brown rice and raisins!

I would love to hear my fellow ABCer's thoughts on my recent fast and psuedo-refeed phenomenon.

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