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Well, first off, women will never be able to be "massive" unless they take drugs (i.e. steroids) and eat an excess of calories. They simply lack the hormonal mileu that men have to achieve such a feet. So yes, it is certainly a myth that lifting weights will automatically make women bulky.

Capillary density is really not going to raise metabolism. Capillaries are responsible for defusion of nutrients and hormones to adjacent tissues. So if you have more capillaries, you will get a greater supply of nutrients and hormones to tissues, like muscle.

The aspects of exercise that would increase metabolic rate are increased mitochondria (the so called "cellular furnace" where you produce most of your ATP), increased muscle mass, and particularly increased muscle protein turnover. And of course, just the calories you used during exercise, and the increased short term caloric expenditure after exercise due to a variety of reasons such as increased adrenaline.

From cardio, you will increase mitochondria, capillaries, and use a lot of calories. Weight lifting and also sprinting (very high intensity cardio) will have a great impact on increasing muscle protein turnover, and muscle mass.

So a combination of both cardio and lifting weights is ideal for weight loss. And at the end of the day, you will also look better and be more functional with the combination of both.
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