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Squat w/ Band curl
245x5, 4 sets

Bench with Chains
150 (+50) x5, 2 sets
160 (+50) x5, 4 sets

superset with

Front Lever Hold

Arms - 30 seconds rest for all sets

Wide Grip (elbows narrow) Preacher Curl
40x10, 3 sets

Narrow Grip (ebows wide) Barbell Curl
40x10, 3 sets

Tricep Band Extension
4 sets of 10

Tricep Suspended OH Extension
4 sets of 8

Suspended Pushups
4 sets of 8

* Really loving the wide grip preacher and narrow grip barbell curl. Wide grip hits the inner part of the bicep nicely and narrow grip hits the outer. I felt like my biceps were wider when I was done from the pump.

I believe it will help for the show, might get some sarcoplasmic hypertrophy with the higher reps/shorter rests.

Overall, I believe low reps and heavy training is the way to go. Getting myofibrillar hypertrophy gives a more thick and dense look in my opinion. But sarcoplasmic certainly helps too and I believe it can be attained quicker. So even though it's less than 3 months until the show, I think my bicep training will pay off.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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