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This thread gave me an idea. By this rational could you design a workout routine for individuals (primarily female) who wish to burn fat while not putting on too much bulk? What I'm thinking is stamina lifting to target the capillary rich ST muscle fibers. Activities such as 'Hundreds' lifting utilize extremely low weight with extremely high reps to increase capillary density. Primarily this is used to reduce recovery time and/or break plateaus but it could replace a traditional routine altogether.

Since ST fibers don't grow nearly as large as FT fibers you cold in theory design a full body stamina lifting routine to increase your body's overall capillary density without bulking up to a great extent. I know from experience one of the hardest myths to break through is that women will look manish if they lift weights. It's total BS but they never believe you. All the women I know usually go the cardio route and end up hurting their knees.

To each their own but to my understanding weight lifting has a much greater resting caloric burn than cardio. More mass means more calories spent to maintain it all day long. Could a great deal of that be the amount of capillaries in that mass of muscle? If that's so would a greatly increased capillary density over the whole body give a similar effect?

I started researching stamina lifting and capillary density for a completely different reason but this thread put a whole new spin on it for me. Thanks!
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