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So I haven't been keeping much of a workout journal as I have been having the worst insomnia of my life and workouts are pretty inconsistent. Lately I've been doing much better, but most of it is TKD and cardio training, with some yoga. Ideally I'm looking at cardio 5 times a week (various intensities and at times including sprints, all on an indoor recumbent bike at the moment), TKD up to 3 times a week, yoga several times a week, trying out pilates for some core work, and an upper and lower lifting day at least once a week (here's where I've been worst so far).

Basically the ulna fracture from some 8 months ago is still screwing me over, having really gotten me out of shape, losing me so much muscle mass, really messing with my insomnia that I've already had for around 10 years. On top of that I am now fully self employed from home with no schedule and I've let this really destroy my sleep. Sleep is as always my main goal, along with side by side cardio for overall energy/heart improvements, and putting muscle mass back on to get rid of the 40lbs I've gained in the last year while I've been out and down.

Also I need to really work on back rehabilitation. A few years back I slipped a disc in my lumbar section and havent restrengthened it adequately yet. I need to get this dealt with before I get any older!
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