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Originally Posted by Helmholtz View Post
Wow, you already have pretty impressive muscle definition even though you aren't done with your cut. The beard may be even more impressive than the muscle.
Not sure how to take that. : )

Originally Posted by misterjaydubyoo View Post
Nice condition already dude. Everything seems to be clicking. The quads are lookin very good.
Yes it is, I'm glad it's clicking, because time is ticking.

Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
X2 what jdub said...looking great man! Quads are popping, and I love the chops haha
Thanks, chops are gone now, I feel naked.


Thursday - 64 days

Squat w/ Band Curl
242.5x5, 4 sets

Bench with Chains
120 (+50 in chains) x 10, 7 sets

* All bicep work done with 30 seconds of rest, biceps and forearms were on fire, weight was light, but after a few sets it didn't matter. Pump was excellent

Band Curl
3 sets of 10

Preacher Curl Wide Grip
40x10, 3 sets

Barbell Curl Close Grip
40x10, 3 sets

Incline DB Curl
8x15, 2 sets

*Continuing my bench deload. Lighter on bench and no maltese ring work. Shouder felt great as a result. Hope to actually let this darn deltoid heal.


I was working out with my two boys, age 7 and 11, helping them get strong for their sports; gymnastics and soccer respectively, and I hit a PR on chinups.

I like to challenge them to see if the two of them can combine their reps to beat mine. Well today, after 15 chinups I was still going smooth. By 19 I was slowing down but I wasn't going to stop at 19. 20 was pretty slow, but still a clean full rep....and a new PR.

Part of it may be cutting weight, but even last January 2011 when I was in the low 170's I couldn't do 20 chinups. So I can conclude that my back is stronger now.

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