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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
Do you mind sharing that prowler protocol you followed? Besides that, great work
Monday, December 19, 2011 Training Lab:

In chronological order as they appear in the spill:

Chris Shugart -

I try to contract the glutes, hams, and quads myself when in the deep squat, but it's tough to do given the accumulated fatigue. Good trick though is to hold onto the Prowler for the deep squat to really focus on that final hold.

Regarding the squat and lunge holds with the Prowler work. I often joke about "going somewhere else" when the pain and burning kicks in. I think there's a video of me somewhere saying "Find a special place and convene with your spirit animal" or (more appropriately) "Find an angry place." But honestly, you need to be in the moment so you can contract as hard as possible. As CT notes, it would be easy to "fake" the holds -- hold, but not contract, which of course defeats the purpose.

This is pretty general, and CT can coach it better than I can, but here's the gist of the new Prowler work: Push a light weight forward, arms out, at a moderate pace (not a sprint at all.) At the end of the push, hold a lunge position, contracting the muscles by "pulling" the front foot back and pushing the back leg in. (Legs won't move of course, it's just about the hard contraction.) Rest a bit then do it again.

On the 3rd Prowler push, push it backward, then do squat holds just above parallel. Then drop into a deep catcher squat and hold again. I do this for 6 to 9 total pushes: always 2 forward, 1 backward.

CT -

Regarding the lower body holds... It is NOT about maintaining the lunge or squat position BUT about actively contracting all the muscles involved as hard as ypu can. On the lunges hold for example you try to pull the back leg forward and pull the front leg back

CS -

@Christian: I know you don't like thinking about time when doing holds, but do you have a general recommendation for the squat and lunge holds with the Prowler? I tend to get 10 to 15 seconds of hard contraction, but I could probably go longer if you were standing there eyeballing me all mean-like

CT -

@ CS... normally up to 20 seconds is acceptable, but the goal is maximum pump in the legs. If the holds prevent you from doing the next prowler set optimally, it is not a good investment. Plus, you are doing the prowler and holds every day... it adds up!

Recent update about the holds:
But it (the holds) shines the most when used in conjunction with the prowler pushing. What we found is that for optimal hypertrophy using the prowler what we want is to keep the muscles in a constant state of pump without the cardio vascular system becoming the limiting factor. Adding the holds between the pushes increase the pump while allowing partial cardiovascular recovery

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