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E-mailed the promoter of the bodybuilding show about advance tickets, he said I was the first one to order. Guess that means the seats for my family and friends should be awesome!


Did CT's Prowler Leg Protocol last night (along with some upper body sled work).

It started snowing and didn't stop the entire time I was dragging it (30 minutes in total). I got frustrated, not because I mind the snow, but rather, because the snow reduced the friction on the road and made my sled work slightly easier.

I had brought my sled to my son's indoor soccer practice and worked out in the parking lot so I didn't have access to extra weight once it got wet out. I had only packed exactly what I thought I would need.

Oh well, it's not like it was easy, I still got a good workout.


Been practicing the mandatory and relaxed poses daily. It's going fairly well. I will put on picture and/or video (most likely video) when I have time.

Friday - 70 days

Squat w/ Band Curls
240x5, 4 sets

Bench w/ Band Bicep Curl Hold
205x5, 5 sets

Matlese Cross superset with Ring Pushups BWx6, 6 sets

Miscellaneous Tricep Pump Work

* Note to self, definitely need to deload the pressing work. Left Rear (and part lateral) delt acting up and feeling slightly weak/not as explosive. Tire work and Leg work as normal. But just lighter pressing work next week.

* Note to anyone reading the above, you have my permission to make me feel like an idiot if I don't listen to my own advice!

James 1:16-17 ESV
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