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Smile Returning to ABC. Need to lose 2st in 1mth...

Hi all,

I used to post here a lot (but my post count has gone, lol) but got side tracked with life and let myself go a little. So hello! It's good to be back. Now, down to business...

I'm around 2st (28lb) above what I consider my "look good naked" weight. I'm currently 15st (210lb), and I want to be 13st (182lb). I don't care for scales much, but I know what my happy weight it and I just want to get back to that.

Anyway, I'm quite a muscular build (albeit flabby now), and I still maintain a decent level of fitness - I ran a marathon around 3mths ago. Basically, I'll be out of work for the next 4 weeks and I want to get my body back in check by then, which coincidentally is also my birthday, so I'll be seeing lots of friends then. (extra motivation).

Considering I haven't got anything else to to do (except workout), do you think I could achieve my 28lb weight loss (or close to it), within a month? I could quite easily spend 3hrs a day training - possibly more.

My intention is to split my training into three areas:
- Morning run (1hr)
- Afternoon swim (1hr)
- Evening resistance (1hr)

I realise this would require a strict diet, gaining most of my carbs from vegetables and starchy foods. I'm prepared to do this.

Anyway, back to my question. Do you think this is possible considering I'm already a reasonably fit person?
A man on a 28lb weight loss mission!
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