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1/18 Upper Power

Bent over rows 135x3, 3 sets
Pullups BWx7, 2 sets
Lat pulldown 150x5, 2 sets
DB bench press 65x5, 3 sets
Dips BWx12, 2 sets
DB shoulder press 45x6, 3 sets
Cambered bar curl 70x7, 3 sets
Skullcrushers 60x6, 3 sets

Pretty happy with my progress in everything except for pullups. I've started setting a total number that I get to regardless of how many sets it takes me and I just record the number of reps for the first 2 sets to mark progress. So I did 25 total pullups today and will shoot for 30 next time. If anyone has any tips for increasing pullup strength I would appreciate the advice.

Also think I need to drop the weight for the bent over rows. Fell like I'm using body momentum too much and not controlling the weight enough. Will drop to a weight that I can completely dominate and move up from there.
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