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So deloads are boring, sue me.

I said I wouldn't do ring work, but I was thinking about what exactly caused they nagging injuries.

The maltese cross definitely aggravated my bicep tendon when I first started doing it but that was for 2 main reasons:
1) It was a new stress on my body, I had to adjust
2) I wasn't properly warming up my chest and biceps which are under enormous strain on the maltese cross

I recalled that my most recent maltese cross sessions weren't actually that bad on my bicep tendon.

The front lever I thought to be mildly aggravating but now I attribute that to usually doing front levers after doing the maltese cross, thus starting with my biceps already tender/sore. Today I did a session of only front levers with no bicep/tendon pain.

I recalled that most recently it was actually tire work that got me sore on my bicep tendon and delt. Why? Probably because it was a "new" stimulus, i.e. haven't done it since mid September (with the exception of 1 session in November).

Also, the bicep pain as I noted yesterday was due to excessive stretch/ROM in the tire press. And the delt pain was on a high tire row, which is similar to an upright row. I prefer face pulls or band pull aparts which makes it easier to externally rotate the arm which I feel is beneficial for shoulder health while doing pulls/rows to the chest or higher. There was definitely too much internal rotation on my high tire row. Which I then felt the next time I did the maltese cross.

I say all that to conclude, that it isn't so much that I need a deload, I just need to be careful to avoid exercises that cause pain, or to warm up sufficiently for them not to cause pain. Brilliant I know, can you believe I thought of that all by myself, lol.

Tuesday - 80 days

323.5x5, 4 sets

Rack OH Press - pins at eye level
122.5x5, 6 sets

Active Rest during the above exercises:
Band Bicep Curl Hold

Front Lever, 6 sets of holds

superset with

Ring Dips

DB Floor Press (left arm only)
62x10, 6, 6

* Switched to OH Pressing off the rack. Purpose - reduce stretch reflex, put more stress on muscles. I am using the same weight as on regular OH Press, so I know there has to be a greater stress on my triceps and delts. I was definitely feeling it.

Also, with the ring dips which I haven't really done before and the DB Floor press, I have a feeling there is going to be some sweet DOMS tomorrow....and in the muscles, not tendons.

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