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Default From Scrawny to Brawny

I guess I'll start with a little bit about myself. I am 28 years old and a graduate student currently working on earning a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry/Physics. I have been in fairly good shape for most of my life (as far as body fat % goes at least) and have lifted weights off and on since I was a teenager. However, I have never truly stuck with it and made much muscle gains so I've always been kind of scrawny.

About a year ago I had gotten in the worst physical shape of my life from a poor diet and no activity. I got myself back in the gym, discovered this website, and am now in fairly decent shape. I have read the majority of the articles on this website and regularly check the forums so I feel I am a little more knowledgeable than the average random person in the gym but by no means an expert.

However, I'm still fairly scrawny (currently weigh a little under 140 lbs at around 8 or 9 bf% and 5'10 tall) which I mostly attribute to not eating enough because I was so concerned with getting lean. So I recently decided to start pushing myself in the gym and with my nutrition and make the commitment to put some muscle on. My immediate goal is to get up to about 145 or 150 lbs and about 7 %bf. The amount of weight on my lifts is fairly weak but I believe that if I stick to my plan they will get more respectable in time.

I recently started keeping a log of all my lifts in order to set minor goals each week and push to at least get out one more rep than the last time. I decided to go ahead and make a log here also in order to add to my motivation and listen to any advice that the people here who are knowledgeable have to offer. I'm following Layne Norton's PHAT routine at the moment since I'm interested in getting stronger and adding a little mass. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any advice offered.
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