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I like what's happening with my body.

My body seems to be responding to the new training stimulus of ring hold progressions. I feel more cohesive, like my body flows, rather than being a collection of parts. I am getting better at staying tight on all exercises.

I think I am getting some hypertrophy of the external obliques between the abs and serratus. I say that because they are popping out more than I thought they'd be at this level of leanness. The external obliques can be really impressive if developed and lean. I hope this continues.

I wouldn't mind having oblique's like Jim Cordova's:

Thursday - 92 days

227.5x5, 4 sets
w/ Band Pullaparts

215x5, 3 sets
w/ Chinups

177.5x6, 3 sets
w/ Band Chest Hold

Maltese Cross Progression
3 holds
w/ Incline Pushups, BWx15, 15 15

OH Press
115x5, 3 sets
w/ Suspended Tricep Extension

Friday - 91 days

Bench 197.5x5, 3 sets
w/ Stiff Arm Hold

Deadlift 316, 326, 336, 346x5
w/ Lat Stretch Hold (bottom position of ab wheel rollout)

OH Press 115x5, 3 sets
w/ Band Bicep Curl Hold and Band Curls

Maltese Cross Practice, 3 holds
w/ Band Bicep Curl

Back Lever Practice, 4 holds
w/ OH Press 2 sets and Band Bicep Curl

James 1:16-17 ESV
Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights
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