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I liked Super Pump 250 the best, but they stopped making it in the larger size (might have stopped making it all together, not sure) so I switched to Super Pump MAX. MAX isn't as good and the pumps got noticeably smaller compared to the 250. For that reason, I gave Jack3d a shot. The first day had my heart feeling like it was going to jump out of my chest during cardio, but in the 30 or so doses after that (I'm still on my first tub) I haven't felt anything bad at all. sent me a big free sample of N.O. Xplode for some reason, probably because I order lots of pre workout supps and haven't given a shot yet, so I am going to try that before going to my next tub of Jack3d. Will let you know how that goes once I do.

I'd recommend Super Pump 250 if you can find it, if not, skip the MAX and try Jack3d.
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