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Well I wish I could say I went "underground" and was busy with new hardcore methods getting ripped for the last 10 days, but no, just sick.

I usually workout straight through my colds. It takes something more serious (usually involving vomiting, lol) to stop training. Especially to stop it for multiple sessions. But this cold started out deceptively weak and grew into a monster.

A sore throat on Friday and Saturday became whole body aches and exhaustion from Sunday afternoon until Wednesday morning. I had night sweats Tuesday Night to Wednesday morning and that seemed to break the ache somehow. Wednesday was on and off headache and congestion building up. Spent Thursday through Saturday hacking up small Martian colonies (ugly green stuff) and Sunday I finally seemed better. Didn't wake up hacking once on Sunday Night to Monday morning.


HFS 4x5

Squat 250
Bench 205x4, 190 (3x5)
Deadlift 336x5, 306 (3x5)

Stamina was not there, still congested in my chest and I have no wind. I normally do active rest exercises and do 4 sets of OH press, just didn't have the work capacity or the time to do that.

I didn't look at my journal and didn't know exactly what was planned for this workout. Should have done 245 on squat, so 250 was actually higher than planned and felt great. Bench was supposed to be 210, but that felt HEAVY. Deadlift was supposed to be 331, so I accidentally did 5 pounds more the first set, it wasn't heavy like the bench, I just was running out of steam already.

All in all, I will take it for the first workout since December 1st.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, started off the diet with a bang. I weigh 192 after dropping about 8 pounds during my sickness, just didn't have the appetite.

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